Missed classes will not be rescheduled or reimbursed.

  • Absence due to general illness will be categorised as a missed class, and unfortunately can not be rescheduled or reimbursed. However, I am happy to offer a make-up if a cancellation becomes available within two weeks of the missed class.
  • Exceptions will be made in certain situations. Where individual lessons are missed under special circumstances, such as prolonged illness or family berievment, I will do my best to reschedule or reimburse you for the classes missed. Rearrangements will always be subject to availability and where 24hours notice has been given.

(Events such as basketball games, ballet recitals or family vacations will not be considered as sufficient reasons for rescheduling or reimbursing a lesson.)

  • Individual students may swap lesson times among themselves, so long as 24 hours notice of the change is communicated to me. 
  • If you are late for your lesson, you will receive the remainder of your alotted time slot. Unfortunately the class can not be extended, as this may impact others on the schedule.
  • For reminders, please consider using the reminder text facility provided in your LoveViolin portal.
  • I would kindly request that if your child is too unwell to attend school, the same approach should be adopted to a violin lesson. This is to reduce the risk of children and staff being affected by the illness.