How do I sign up for my classes?

If you haven't enrolled yet: 

Fill in your details and click “Submit” You will then receive an email with your personal login details to access your very own Student/Parent LoveViolin Portal.

If you have enrolled:

  • Log in
  • Select  and click on your class from the calendar
  • Click “Register
  • Tick the box for “Select All” to
  • Click “OK

Do I need to buy a violin?

Yes. Just come along to your first lesson and Aoife will measure you for the correct size using her sample beginner violin. You will not be able to take this violin away for sale or rent, so you will need to acquire your own violin as soon as possible. 

Click here for a handy guide on measuring for, and buying a violin.

What materials do I need?

See Learning Materials

Will you supervise my child before/after lessons?

Unfortunately, I am not able to commit to supervising your children before or after their lesson time. That is because I am responsible for those to whom I am teaching a class. 

Should you choose to leave your children unsupervised outside of their lesson time, which is not recommended by the school and myself, I can not take responsibility for their wellbeing. The school feel very strongly about this and frequently correspond with parents about the importance of this issue. 

Please make arrangments for the supervision of your child outside of their lesson time and ensure they are dropped off and collected on time.


Can I sit and observe my child's individual lesson?

While this can often be distracting for a young child who may do better with only one authority figure in the room, it can sometimes be helpful if the parent is quietly observant and taking home practice notes. Nevertheless, Aoife's Suzuki training will allow for more parent interaction for young beginners in the coming year.

Aoife would kindly request parents not to attend group classes, as this can be distracting for all involved.

I am enrolling more than one member of my family, do I get a discount?

Yes! Siblings of currently enrolled students receive a 10% discount for any type of lessons.

I'm lefthanded, what difference does this make?

Absolutely none. You are recommended to learn the same way.The right and left hands are equally challenged when learning the violin, and increases flexibility, dexterity and agility in both hands and the whole posture. Many of the worlds' finest violinists are left-handed and play the regular way. It is also worth noting that the direction in which you play will slot more comfortably into orchestral space later on! However, if you feel strongly about this, Iet's discuss it.

Does LoveViolin provide 60min individual lessons?

Unfortunately, LoveVilion does not currently have the capacity to offer 60min lessons due to scheduling availability. Individual lessons are 30minutes, which is standard for those up to Grade 3/4 level. Students exceeding this level may avail of longer evening lessons, subject to timetable availability.