Violin outfits, accessories and music books are available to buy in Dublin music stores and online. Below, you will find info on buying a violin, see a list of receommended retailers as well as a VIOLIN SIZE GUIDE below.

  • Violin (Violin, Case, Bow & Rosin are usually sold together as a "Violin outfit") Correct sizing is very important (please refer to the Violin Size Guide below). Re-selling a violin is not unusual, and most music shops offer an 'exchange' system so that you can save money when you're moving up a violin size.
  • Shoulder Rest / Sponge- This elevates the violin to promote security and good posture. Most students have difficulty without some support. Another option is to use a clean, dry sponge secured with an elastic band.
  • Folder (A4, for handouts) (Display ringbinder recommended)

All students are required to have the above items. The remaining list is recommended, but not obligatory. Photocopies are regularly distributed so please ensure you have a sufficient folder for display & storage.

  • Books - see below.
  • Notebook for practice notes.
  • Manuscript Copybook (pages contain stave lines, the bigger the better)
  • Music Stand
Books recommended for Junior & Senior Infants Beginners:
  • Theory of Music Made Easy For Kids / Little Children, Level 1 by Lina Ng (with stickers)
  • Fiddle Time Starters + CD by Kathy & David Blackwell
Books recommended for all other Beginners:
  • Music Theory for Young Musicians, Grade 1 by Ying Ying Ng
  • Suzuki Violin Volume 1 with CD by Shinichi Suzuki
Books for Improver class students and Individual students are recommended based upon a continual assessment basis.


Listed below are a number of music shops around Dublin and online, where you will find violins and/or books. In an effort to save time and avoid any unnecessary trips, I highly recommend telephoning your music shop beforehand to enquire about their available stock.  

  • Charles Byrne (Aoife's top pick. Violin outfits start at €155 and an exchange programme is offered.)
  • McCullough Pigott (best for sheet music & books) Exchange programme also available here.                    
  • Crehans                       
  • Amazon
  • Everest Music
  • Thomann
  • DoneDeal, Adverts, eBay etc. are also worth a look for second hand deals. 



If you are buying online, or would simply like to have an idea of size before perusing the shops, use this easy guide to help you out.

Measuring instructions for Player's Arm Length: Stretch the left arm out to the left side (at an angle of approximately 10 o'clock). With the arm and hand parallel to the ground, face the palm of the hand upwards.    
Measure from the middle of the left palm to the middle (left side) of the neck.

Many lefties wonder about playing the other way around, but the opposite side can prove to be awkward not only in buying and stringing up a violin, but in orchestral playing too! Many of the world's greatest violinists are left-handed without having to switch to the opposite side. Playing violin challenges both sides extensively, and promotes general ambidextrous qualities.

Player's Arm length
 Violin Size Needed 
 Approximate Age
 18" - 18.5"  
 21.5" - 22"  



It's extremely important to have the correct size violin. A student may be measured in a music shop with the help of an assistant, or by simply using the guide above.

Many people new to violin may believe that a child will 'grow into' a bigger sized violin. If the student measures in between sizes, it is advisable to go with the slightly smaller option. A larger violin might prove too heavy and awkward (especially for younger children), promote unhealthy posture & alignment, and may compromise their technical ability.

As stated above, most music shops offer an exchange programme that allows you to trade in your old violin for the next size up.



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